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Tentative dates for next year's SSSD meeting in Trondheim are Friday March 12 to Sunday March 14. Please stay tuned for more information! 

Update, March 29th:


Dear colleagues,


We have been looking forward to hosting the 2020 annual meeting of the SSSD here in Trondheim. We have aimed to put together a program that would be of interest to a broad range of diabetes researchers, and we have been excited about the positive responses from both invited lecturers and invited sponsors. By early March, there were 25 submitted and approved abstracts, and in total 70 participants.


Then the coronavirus situation suddenly escalated. It seems very likely that the current advice and bans against travel and meetings will still be in place at the time of the SSSD meeting. We have therefore, in agreement with the conference venue Scandic Nidelven, decided to postpone the SSSD meeting in Trondheim to the spring of 2021.


We have investigated the possibility to hold a one-day digital meeting in April 2020, and some of you have expressed interest in such a meeting. However, we realize that for most of you a digital meeting will not be a good substitute for the planned meeting, and we have decided not to hold a digital meeting. Instead, we invite all abstract presenters to submit either the same, updated, or new abstracts to next year’s meeting.


We will inform you as soon as the dates for next year’s meeting have been decided, and we hope to see you all in Trondheim next year!


We will refund the registration fee for this year's conference, and will send you an email with details on that matter.


We hope you are all doing well despite the challenging circumstances!


On behalf of the organizers,

Bjørn Olav Åsvold

The Scandinavian Society for the Study of Diabetes (SSSD) was established in the 1960s. The aim of the SSSD is to bring together people with an interest in diabetes research, both from Nordic countries and elsewhere. We hold annual meetings aiming to strengthen collaborative relationships that will lead to advancement in diabetes research. The international board of the SSSD presently consists of Bjørn Olav Åsvold (chair) and Kåre Birkeland for Norway, Johanna Lempainen and Heli Siljander for Finland, Malin Flodström Tullberg and Jens Lagerstedt for Sweden, Niels Grarup and Esben Søndergaard for Denmark and Kolbeinn Gudmundsson and Bolli Thorsson from Iceland. We strongly encourage everyone residing in - and also outside - the Nordic countries who is interested in diabetes research to participate in the yearly meetings.

The SSSD2020 meeting will be held at Scandic Nidelven

in Trondheim, Norway, April 16-18 2020:









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